Duke Ellington Orchestra – The Intermission

You know those days that you’ll always remember. You travel back in time and focus on the better things in life. You go to sleep in Bucharest, but wake up in Harlem, 60 years behind.

They left the stage for a short intermission, and my backstage pass got me closer to them than I would have ever imagined. They had that New York spirit that you’ll only find in movies, while their eyes showed the places they’ve been and things they saw.

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London And The Freedom Of Colour

It’s been 4 months since I left London, perhaps even more. It wasn’t a good time for pretty much anything, and that nothing was pretty much all that I’ve done. I arrived right before Christmas Eve and walked around that night. The people were different. Few were out because they wanted to. When people walked they looked like they had a goal: home.

People seemed trapped in this “outside” and they were looking forward to get inside, to spend Christmas together with someone that cared. One of probably the few nights when people agree, have a common goal and it’s not in the middle of a riot. The people that worked that night did not look happy. They didn’t say anything, but their look pretty much said it all.

The later it got the weirder you got for being out. The amusement park in Hyde Park was pretty much deserted. There were some people, more than on the streets, but there was this feeling I got that they won’t be there for long. The stalls were nearly empty and I think the sellers had the same thing on their mind.

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Long Time No See & Sneak Peek Into The Future Posts

I know, I know, I’ve been busy, didn’t post in a while.  I needed a little break. Still need it now, but at least I got some time off from bad things that were happening when I thought nothing else could go wrong.

3 trips to Verona for the exhibition, my first exhibition there to be more precise. Some photos from the exhibition can be seen here. It was good, the people liked my work and there should be a couple more exhibitions on the way.

While things seemed to be ok, reality was a little different. That actually being the reason for this break. Before I left for London, disaster struck and forced me to use the services of a well known data recovery company that I didn’t want to use. Like all things in life that seem to be connected, when one thing goes wrong, many others follow and support is not there where you think it is. The winter was a bliss for those who love it, but for me, Christmas is just beginning to show up. New year’s eve also.

After nearly 2 months away from home and unfinished work piling up, we left for Freiburg, where Urma held their live performance during the Jawala Festival. I think there were close to 900 people for the concert and they had a good time. And not just young people. There were people of all ages, and I liked that. I was for the first time in Germany and I’ll surely return. There’s lots to be seen and the first impression was great. Lots of places on the list.

Last trip to Verona, which ended just yesterday actually had some skiing in it. Skiing was a vital occupation of mine, which had a critical pause when I broke my knee in April 2008 (torn ACL). That marked the time when I really started to study photography which slowly became what it is now, so I guess it’s true that everything has a meaning in life. But now it’s clear to me. Once you have it in you, you can’t rest apart from it for […]

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Tudor Arghezi nr. 12

Desi numele poate nu va spune nimic, in urma cu mai bine de un an, un loc avea sa prinda viata. Cand i-am trecut pentru prima oara pragul, era locul in care se inregistra o emisiune pentru o televiziune online. Gandul mi-a ramas acolo, chiar cineva mi-a propus sa-l transformam intr-un studio foto. Acest lucru nu s-a mai intamplat, iar la putin timp emisiunea s-a terminat si locul a ramas liber.

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Bucegi – Creasta Vaii Albe

In urma cu cateva zile am fost intrebat de George Stroie (Bivuac Media) daca nu vin cu el sa filmeze o parte dintr-un documentar in peretele Vaii Albe. Toata treaba a fost nitel din scurt, asa ca luni am tras tare sa termin ce-as fi avut de lucrat marti si miercuri, iar marti, la 5 dimineata, nedormit, m-am suit in masina.


Planul era relativ simplu. Luam tonele de echipament, urcam la Babele, mergem pana-n creasta vaii albe. Ei (Vladone, Ionut si Bivuac) fac rapel in fisura albastra directa, iar eu cu Silvia pun cortul in creasta. Pe drum ne-au ajutat niste baieti de la Salvamont cu o mare parte din bagaje, pana la releul Costila.

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In sfarsit, am gasit un pic de timp ca sa fac ordine in cele  2-3 poze pe care le-am facut in Londra.

Primul contact cu orasul a fost destul de brutal. Era sa dea o masina peste mine, deoarece cand am traversat m-am uitat in stanga, din reflex.

Acolo toti soferii sunt nebuni, dar TOTI. Toate masinile merg pe contrasens. Soferul a oprit […]


probabil si-a dat seama ca-s nitel dezorientat, iar eu m-am intors si mi-am cerut scuze. Bineinteles ca mi-am cerut scuze pasagerului, deoarece volanul se afla pe partea cealalta. Foarte ciudata senzatia pe care o ai cand te uiti la o masina ca trece pe langa tine si vezi “soferul” cum sta cu mainile la ceafa.

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