Urma Live Concert at Club Vivid

Radu Dumitrescu - Grey Wolf Studios

It’s the end of the week and what better way to spend it than shooting your favourite band’s concert. Yes, it’s Urma, and this time it was in a newly opened club that I knew nothing about. It’s been rumoured to have the smartest wall in Bucharest, but like all teasers, you never know what that means.

But I found out as soon as I got there. Got out of the car and saw this big screen on top of the building with my picture on it. The second picture in the linked post. It looked good. Went inside and saw this big wide space with nice lights and great design. I liked the place. Club Vivid had a pretty good design and feel compared to other clubs I’ve seen in town.

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Urma Live at Radio Guerrilla – Guerrilive

Radu Dumitrescu - Grey Wolf Studios

When people go to a concert, they usually go to a club or stand in front of a big stage waiting for their favourite band to show up and start playing. This time it was different. People stayed at home, stayed at work, or in their cars, with their browsers pointed at www.orange.ro/guerrilive or their radios tuned to Radio Guerrilla.

A concert that could be seen and heard online and listened on the radio. I think it brought some happiness after a busy day at work or, if the day was not over, introduced a little brake in their schedule.

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Concert Urma – Laptaria lui Enache

Slowly but surely I’m getting up to date with my blog post. Funny though is that I’m trying to organize myself in the noisiest, loudest, disorganized place I’ve ever seen. Kathmandu is like giant, breathing organism, and the traffic is a sheer representation of that. Everything’s moving just like fish move in schools, like they have a unified brain. During the day the city is so crowded that basically you can’t see the city becase of the people and cars. But during the night you get to see the city, the cruel and harsh reality. But this is not about Kathmandu, I’ll get back later on that.

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Urma, TVR 1, Garantat 100%

In seara asta incepe o noua serie din mult apreciata emisiune Garantat 100%, gazduita de Catalin Stefanescu.

Emisiunea este filmata intr-un platou mare si frumos, alaturi de o echipa bine pregatita, in cadrul Televiziunii Romane. Singura data cand am mai intrat pe acest platou a fost in 1996, cand am facut un tur al televiziunii, la sfarsitul unui curs de jurnalism tinut de domnul profesor Mircea Mondea, la Clubul Copiilor. Timpul a trecut, iar aparentele inseala. Am fost impresionat de profesionalismul echipei de platou. Totul a mers snur.

Sa nu uitam de ce scriu acest articol. Urma a fost invitata sa cante in prima emisiune din aceasta serie, noua lor piesa, Terminus.

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Stufstock 2009 – Urma

A fost Stufstock si a fost si Urma.

De data asta Stufstock-ul a fost nitel diferit. Scena a fost chiar pe plaja, aproape de mare, iar intrarea a fost libera.  Lume a fost, n-o sa comentez prea mult, sunt destui care stiu sa comenteze, chiar prea multi.

Sunetul a fost foarte bun, mult mai bun decat m-am asteptat, iar atmosfera […]


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