Urma Live Concert at Club Vivid

Radu Dumitrescu - Grey Wolf Studios

It’s the end of the week and what better way to spend it than shooting your favourite band’s concert. Yes, it’s Urma, and this time it was in a newly opened club that I knew nothing about. It’s been rumoured to have the smartest wall in Bucharest, but like all teasers, you never know what that means.

But I found out as soon as I got there. Got out of the car and saw this big screen on top of the building with my picture on it. The second picture in the linked post. It looked good. Went inside and saw this big wide space with nice lights and great design. I liked the place. Club Vivid had a pretty good design and feel compared to other clubs I’ve seen in town.

The show was about to start at around midnight so I had the time to check the place out. That smartest wall in town was indeed smart, being full of interesting quotes as you’ll see in the photos below. I had a nice chat with a friend, who I’m very happy to keep bumping into and hope to meet again soon and time passed faster than expected. Got my camera and lenses ready and soon the music started playing. And it wasn’t on disc, it was live.

I turned around and was pleased to see that the show started. People started dancing and got closer to the stage. Best looking stage I’ve seen lately, to be honest.

No one escaped, apparently not even me. I’m usually behind the camera, but this time I’ve been caught. Left my camera aside for one moment and it turned back at me and took some pictures.

It’s been a busy week with all sorts of news and things happening and this was a good place to end it. You can stay in touch with Urma’s activity, concerts, or even ask them a question by using their Facebook Page. The Lost End Found album is on the way, concerts are on the way (maybe in a city next to you), Urma’s new video is on the way and a preview of the new album is available at every Public Confession they have. Live.

Until next time.

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