Cine detine drepturile de autor?


Copyright imagine Mirjam Letsch – toate drepturile rezervate.

Citeam zilele trecute un articol interesant pe, cu un titlu care mi-a atras atenția imediat. Știind că încălcarea drepturilor de autor este foarte prezentă, în cazul multor publicații de la noi, am dat imediat click. Titlul acelui articol era “Dacă un copil ar pune mâna pe aparatul tău și ar face câteva poze, cine ar deține drepturile de autor?”

Mirjam Letsch era într-o piață aglomerată din India, cu aparatul pe umăr, iar la un moment dat, un copil a pus mâna pe aparatul ei și a făcut 5 poze. După ce a văzut pozele (și i-au și plăcut), a realizat că este într-o situație destul de ciudată. Are niște poze pe cardul aparatului, dar nu știe dacă, din punct de vedere legal, sunt ale ei.

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Kathmandu – First Impressions

Kathmandu - Radu Dumitrescu

I arrived in Kathmandu a bit confused. Got off the plane and the airport looked a lot like a bus station. I had two things to do before I could get out of the airport: take a photo and pay for the visa. Didn’t seem like a lot of things to do, but they lasted for over an hour.

Finally I got through the infinite visa queue and my passport was the newly found owner of a 30day visa. I get my luggage and go towards the exit, together with a dutch couple that I met while waiting. As we go down the flight of stairs we see another ginormous queue with a sign saying “CUSTOMS” at its end. We all said: “S**t. Not another one”. One of the security guards, after seeing the look on our faces, came to us and led us straight to the exit saying “No, only for locals, no for tourists”.

As we got to the exit we were invaded by a lot of cab drivers. Felt close to the sensation I had at home. Since I knew that my friends were waiting and had absolutely no idea on where I was going I rejected all of them. Didn’t even know if their prices were good or not. I just assumed that they’re higher because of our location. I say goodbye to the dutch couple and join my friends. We look for a taxi but their prices are at least double from the ones I heard inside the airport. It’s the first thing I learned about Nepal. The price you hear at fist is just a greeting. I think its sole purpose is for you to practice dividing by 2 or 3. We took the cab that offered a free ride to the hotel if we stayed at that specific hotel.

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