10 ani de Urma – Cluj – Euphoria Music Hall

Fotografie de concert cu Mani Gutău, vocalul formației URMA, în timpul concertului aniversar de 10 ani din Cluj - Euphoria Music Hall, 2013.

Aniversarea de 10 ani URMA a fost un fel de petrecere de trei zile (și trei nopți). Trei concerte: București, Cluj și Timișoara. După cum probabil ați observat, vin după o mică pauză de Urma, implicit și după o pauză de fotografie de concert, pauză care cred că mi-a priit. Prima dată i-am văzut în 2004, pe o plajă în Vama Veche, pe la 4 dimineața. (mai mult…)

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Timisoara And Cluj – Urma

We’re back in February, just came to Bucharest after my exhibition in Verona. We left for Timisoara where Urma would have their concert, followed by Cluj on the second day.

The winter passed and our route was right on the freshly repaired road to Sibiu. When we got to Dealul Negru I thought we made a wrong turn and got to some historical site with trenches from the second world war. I’m not kidding, there were 40 cm deep craters all over the road and funny pieces of debris that looked like bombshell. There was a time I thought a helmet would be appropriate. In front of us there were cars literally jumping up and down as they were speeding at 25 km/h on this road that made swiss-cheese look flat.

(mai mult…)

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