Concert Urma – Laptaria lui Enache

Slowly but surely I’m getting up to date with my blog post. Funny though is that I’m trying to organize myself in the noisiest, loudest, disorganized place I’ve ever seen. Kathmandu is like giant, breathing organism, and the traffic is a sheer representation of that. Everything’s moving just like fish move in schools, like they have a unified brain. During the day the city is so crowded that basically you can’t see the city becase of the people and cars. But during the night you get to see the city, the cruel and harsh reality. But this is not about Kathmandu, I’ll get back later on that.

One of the good things about leaving later for Nepal was that I got to be in Bucharest for Urma’s concert. It’s been quite a while since the last concert and I kinda missed it. Such a big band was about to play in such a small place. Laptaria lui Enache, they last played there about one year ago.

I knew it was going to be a great concert. They hadn’t played in a while and I’m sure they missed it. I only hoped that my photos will live up to their performance. I’ll let you be the judge of that, but bare in mind that this post will be updated when I’ll get back home.

What I like about this place is that 70’s feel the lights give to it. No moving heads, no disco balls, no spots, no nothing, just A couple of vivid coloured lights that light the stage. They had the look of a Led Zeppelin concert, just like a warp back in time. I always thought that Domi looks a lot like John Bonham and their rock and jazzy licks combined with the coloured hippie atmosphere just made me forget what town I was in. You could say that it was my little time machine. Who knows, maybe I wasn’t the only time traveler there.

Sure thing was that the concert rocked. They had a short intermission. They were great during the first half and even better after the brake. And the people loved it.

Well, I hoped you liked the show, I know I did and hope to see you some time, they’ll be around for plenty of concerts for you to catch one. I’m on my way for a couple of days of mountain biking around Kathmandu. After that I’ll probably wonder for about 13-14 days through northern Nepal. The bicycle is that great.

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