One Night in Dublin

Plecasem din Italia, după expoziția din Legnago. Am luat un tren dis de dimineață, către aeroport. Nițel întortocheată situația, deoarece la 2 ore după ce ajungeam în București decola avionul către Dublin. Un lanț în care singura intarziere binevenită ar fi fost din partea avionului spre Dublin.

A fost prima vizită în Dublin, dar mă așteptam cumva să semene cu [citește mai departe]


London And The Freedom Of Colour

It’s been 4 months since I left London, perhaps even more. It wasn’t a good time for pretty much anything, and that nothing was pretty much all that I’ve done. I arrived right before Christmas Eve and walked around that night. The people were different. Few were out because they wanted to. When people walked they looked like they had a goal: home.

People seemed trapped in this “outside” and they were looking forward to get inside, to spend Christmas together with someone that cared. One of probably the few nights when people agree, have a common goal and it’s not in the middle of a riot. The people that worked that night did not look happy. They didn’t say anything, but their look pretty much said it all.

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