The Will To Travel

Imagine nocturnă cu Calea Lactee deasupra unui lan de floarea soarelui, realizată de Radu Dumitrescu - fotografie de calatorie

People travel to faraway places to watch, in fascination, the kind of people they ignore at home.” – Dagobert D. Runes

Imagine cu un cort, într-o excursie, după apusul soarelui.

What makes us travel? Why do we leave our safe and known place to reach a place we know so little about? Why do we love the journey more than the actual destination? Why do we choose to climb a scary mountain or  bike a dusty trail and not remain in this cozy, comfortable place a city gives us? What is it that attracts us to this lack of comfort? The answer is “I don’t know”.

I don’t think we’re born with this desire, but we become addicted after our first contact with adventure. We don’t know the people we’re going to meet, nor the places we’re going to see, but as the day we leave get’s closer, a nice feeling of freedom starts to envelop us.

We choose to wander on streets where people don’t speak our language rather than staying in the nice and cozy place we’re familiar to.

There are places in which you get to be alone, and places in which it all happens so fast you lose track of days. You have friends that make you go out and sometimes you go out to get away from your friends. There are no rules. The only reliable feeling is a nice little dose of mistery. The moment you leave, your whole world becomes the moment Even if you leave for a day, your new reality will be the place you’re in and your only obligations will be the ones dictated by your trip. Your only tasks are the ones you set for the day, independent of your “real” life. Traveling is like a real trip inside an imaginary world, a real life dream. And it remains a dream, as long as you wake up from time to time.

Imagine de călătorie, aventură, urcând spre Thorong La High Camp, la 4950m altitudine cu bicicleta - mountain bike - Circuitul Annapurna

Imagine de pe creasta văii albe - Bucegi

Imagine cu un cort pus pe Brâna Mare a Coștilei, deasupra Peretelui Văii Albe, sub Hornul lui Gelepeanu - de Radu Dumitrescu

Schi de tură în Munții Baiului, fotografie realizată de Radu Dumitrescu.

Some people dream a couple times a year and some people dream for years. They look at getting back to reality as a brief pause between dreams. Unfortunately, there are people that dream only once in a long time, some not at all.

The happiness you get is the same, regardless of the dream you choose to have. Whether you’re on a dangerous mountain, literally hanging by a piece of rope or you’re walking on a city street or even whether you choose a different road to get to work, just to see another place, the happiness you get is the same. You replace the “what if” you’ve had in your mind with a the “what if” you see, and you realise that there’s no greater feeling than the one of being a visitor at home, in your day-to-day life.

Imagine cu un băiat în Kathmandu, Nepal, 2010.

Imagine cu două fetițe din Nepal ținând flori în mână, Nepal 2010.

There are no foreign lands. It is the traveller only who is foreign.” – R. Stevenson

Travellers always have something in common and can communicate regardless of their spoken language. They do not travel just to get somewhere and they don’t travel to check a list. They do not judge, because the places they see aren’t meant to make them happy, but they are meant to please the people that live there.

Travellers always dream of starting another journey, whenever it may be.


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  1. Frumos articol. Personal pentru mine amintirea unei calatorii inseamna carburantul pentru urmatoarea plecare intr-un loc necunoscut. Sentimentul este acela ca pentru orice activitate repetitiva memoria mea tinde sa nu mai pastreze nimic stocat despre ce am savarsit ci preda informatia despre acea activitate unei alte instante psihice insa in cazul unei calatorii pe care o faci o singura data intr-un loc necunoscut amintirea acelui spatiu este conservat in cele mai mici detalii. Asadar exista o sete continua iar ea, setea, se declanseaza cu prima gura bauta.

  2. ”With the moonlight to guide you
    Feel the joy of being alive
    The day that you stop running
    Is the day that you arrive”Morcheeba
    Enjoy The Ride

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